Monday, August 30, 2010

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a great book to give your Dad this Father's Day? Here are our suggestions:

The Well at the World's End by AJ Mackinnon is an astonishing true story of a remarkable voyage by a modern-day adventurer. Read more.

 Looking for Australia is a engaging collection of essays about Australian culture by historian John Hirst. Read more.

In A Game of Our Own, esteemed historian Geoffrey Blainey documents the fascinating history of the AFL. Read more.

The Skull is an irresistible true-crime story about Australia's most feared policeman, Brian “Skull” Murphy. Read more.

In Rise of the Ruddbot, Australia’s funniest, most incisive political commentator, Annabel Crabb, chronicles the last few years of Australian politics. Read more.

In The Family File, Mark Aarons tells the story of how his family became the most monitored family in Australian history: his father, uncle, grandmother and grandfather were leaders of the Communist Party of Australia. Read more.

In The Family Law, Benjamin Law writes a linked series of hilarious and moving essays about his weird but wonderful family. Read more.

In Secrets of the Grown-Up Brain, a leading science writer examines how the brain reaches its peak in middle age, and how to keep it there. Read more.

In Axis of Deceit Andrew Wilkie tells the story of how he resigned from Australia's senior intelligence agency in protest over the looming Iraq war in 2003. He was the only serving intelligence officer from the Coalition of the Willing - the US, the UK and Australia - to do so. Read more.

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