Friday, April 27, 2012

Books for Mother's Day

Here are some great Black Inc. books to buy your mum this Mother’s Day (and reasons why she’ll love them!)

Reaching One Thousand
A Story of Love, Motherhood and Autism
By Rachel Robertson

Rachel Robertson’s memoir tells the story of raising her autistic son Ben, and the joys and challenges she faces along the way.

“This is the best kind of memoir – there is a beautiful calm clarity that drew me in, and held me until the end.” – Georgia Blain

Why will my mother love it?

Lovers of well-crafted, literary writing will adore this beautifully-written memoir. It’s a touching and uplifting story about parenting an autistic child – a fascinating and compelling read for every mother.

One Way or Another
The Story of a Girl Who Loved Rock Stars
Nikki McWatters

In 1981, fifteen-year-old Nikki McWatters is living in a Gold Coast suburb, dragging herself through humdrum schooldays and dreaming of losing her virginity to a rock star. With three friends she starts the Vulture Club for aspiring groupies – and so begins a festival of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. From Australian Crawl to INXS, Pseudo Echo to Duran Duran, she is living her teenage dream – but is the groupie life all it’s cracked up to be?

Why will my mother love it?

This is a non-stop ride through 1980s Australia – big hair, bad fashion, rock bands, celebrities, wild nights and no regrets.  It’s a fun, nostalgic and hugely entertaining journey about coming of age in the 80s.

The Weight of a Human Heart
Ryan O’Neill

Sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, this short story collection turns the rules of storytelling on their head. Ranging from Australia to Africa to China and back again, The Weight of a Human Heart heralds a fresh new voice in Australian literature.

Why will my mother love it?

Did your mum love A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan? Then she’ll love this book. A collection of inventive and emotionally powerful short stories, The Weight of a Human Heart is guaranteed to delight lovers of quality fiction.

Peter Robb

In Lives, an extraordinary writer encounters some remarkable people – and evokes their inner worlds. In Australia, these range from Alex Dimitriades to Ivan Milat, from Marcia Langton to Julian Assange. In Italy, Robb immerses the reader in the worlds of Fellini, Caravaggio, Calvino and Pasolini. Elsewhere, his portraits of EM Forster, Arthur Rimbaud, Peter Carey and Gore Vidal illuminate the real people behind the public image.

Why will my mother love it?

This is a fascinating exploration of human life in all its variety, glamour and idiosyncrasy. Fans of Peter Robb (his previous books include Midnight in Sicily, M, A Death in Brazil and Streetfight in Naples) will rejoice.

Into the Woods
The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests
Anna Krien

For many years, the Tasmanian wilderness has been the site of a fierce struggle. At stake is the future of old-growth forests. Loggers and police face off with protesters deep in the forest, while savage political games are played in the courts and parliaments. In Into the Woods, Anna Krien, armed with a notebook, a sleeping bag and a rusty sedan, ventures behind the battlelines to see what it is like to risk everything for a cause. 

Why will my mother love it?

Anna Krien is one of Australia’s most exciting journalistic talents – as evidenced by the various awards and accolades Into the Woods has received. Your mother will be captivated by Anna’s honest, forthright style and the fascinating story she tells about the battle for Tasmania’s forests.

How I Became a Famous Novelist
Steve Hely

A razor-sharp evisceration of celebrity culture and literary fame, How I Became a Famous Novelist is a satirical novel masquerading as a tell-all memoir. From the writer of 30 Rock, The Office and American Dad.

“Funny as hell" – The Australian

“This guy is f---ing brilliant" – The Age

“Highly entertaining.” – The Advertiser

Why will my mother love it?

Honestly, this book is just straight-up hilarious. If your mum likes her fiction smart, snarky and non-stop funny, then this is an absolute must-read. She’ll thank you, we promise.

David Marr

Australians see themselves as a relaxed and tolerant bunch. But scratch the surface and you’ll uncover an extraordinary level of fear.

Cronulla. Henson. Hanson. Wik. Haneef. The boats. …

Panic shows all of David Marr’s characteristic insight, quick wit and brilliant prose as he cuts through the froth and fury that have kept Australia simmering over the last fifteen years.

Why will my mother love it?

Whose mother doesn’t love David Marr? This is a collection of his best work and it’s the perfect gift for David Marr fans.

The Family Law
Benjamin Law

Meet the Law family – eccentric, endearing and hard to resist. Your guide: Benjamin, the third of five children and a born humorist. Join him as he tries to answer some puzzling questions: Why won’t his Chinese dad wear made-in-China underpants? Why was most of his extended family deported in the 1980s? Will his childhood dreams of Home and Away stardom come to nothing?

Why will my mother love it?

Benjamin Law is releasing his second book in September this year so now is the perfect time to get acquainted with his first. The Family Law is a charming memoir about Ben’s family – and it introduces readers to one of the most hilarious, warm and crazy-wonderful mothers ever put into print. Ben’s portrait of his mother will make mothers everywhere laugh and cry.

Her Father's Daughter
Alice Pung

At twenty-something, Alice is eager for the milestones of adulthood: leaving home, choosing a career, finding friendship and love on her own terms. But with each step she takes she feels the sharp tug of invisible threads: the love and worry of her parents, who want more than anything to keep her from harm. As she digs into their past, Alice embarks on a journey of painful discovery, of memories lost and found. 

Why will my mother love it?

This is an extraordinary memoir, written from the perspective of both Alice and her father. It tells of her father's harrowing experience surviving the killing fields in Cambodia as well as Alice's modern-day struggle to find her independence away from her parents. If your mother wants a powerful, deeply affecting read that will stay with her long after the book has been finished, this is the one. 

To find out more about these books and other Black Inc. titles, visit our website. All books listed above are available now in print and ebook formats. 

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