Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for Christmas presents or some summer reading for yourself? Look no further! Here are our suggestions for great Christmas gifts and books to read over summer. 

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The Happiness Show  
Catherine Deveny 

A smart, funny and heartbreaking novel about love and marriage, sex and friendship, and the messiness of second chances. 

If you’re looking for a novel for your book group, you can find the reading group notes here.  

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Benjamin Law 

As the child of migrants, Benjamin Law is curious about how different life might have been had he grown up in Asia instead of Australia. So he sets off to meet his fellow Gaysians and discover what it means to be queer in Asia. 

From Thai ladyboy beauty contestants to celebrity drag queens to sham marriages, Gaysia is a fascinating quest by a leading Australian writer. 

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Quarterly Essay 48  
After the Future 
Tim Flannery 

In After the Future, Tim Flannery shows that Australia is now on the brink of a new wave of extinctions, which threatens to leave our national parks as “marsupial ghost towns.”  

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We also have a special Christmas Quarterly Essay subscription offer of 5 issues for the price of 4, for only $59. 

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The Words That Made Australia 
Edited by Robert Manne and Chris Feik 

A collection of original essays by reporters, historians, novelists, mavericks and visionaries that tells a story of Australia’s national self-discovery. 

Includes essays by Miles Franklin, D.H. Lawrence, Manning Clark, Donald Horne, Robin Boyd, Anne Summers, Tim Flannery, David Malouf, Noel Pearson, Inga Clendinnen and many more.  

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The Best 100 Poems of Les Murray 
Les Murray 

A treasure trove of some of the best poems written in Australia, which will delight fans of Les Murray and new readers of his work.  

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Tony Speaks!

If you liked Julia Gillard's speech on misogyny, then you'll love Tony Speaks!

Tony Speaks! in an entire book of quotes from the Leader of the Opposition (and also seems to have been a handy reference for the PM!)
Have you ever wondered what the real Tony Abbott thinks about an issue? Wonder no more! 

Here is Tony Abbott on women, sex, religion, honesty, refugees, the environment, abortion, and much more.

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Lily Chan 

In Toyo, Lily Chan tells the story of her grandmother’s remarkable life. Set across Japan, India and Australia it follows Toyo from her unusual upbringing in Japan to her experience of the war and her eventual journey to Australia. 

Blending the intimacy of memoir with an artist’s vision, Toyo is a stunning debut.  

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Try Whistling This 
Andrew Ford 

Perceptive and entertaining, Try Whistling This is a pleasurable journey through music, ideas and history. 

Andrew Ford traces the concept of dirty dancing back to the sixteenth century, marvels at the weirdness of Percy Grainger and considers the decision of Wilhelm Furtw√§ngler to keep conducting under the Nazis – offering a fresh take on music and changing times. 

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The Best Australian Essays 2012 
Edited by Ramona Koval 

Includes the country’s most eloquent voices at the peak of their powers. 

Helen Garner, Anna Krien and Romy Ash discuss animals; David Marr, Rhys Muldoon and James Button discuss those of the political variety. Peter Robb meets Akira Isogawa, J.M. Coetzee considers Les Murray’s black dog, and Gillian Mears her award-winning novel.

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The Best Australian Stories 2012 
Edited by Sonya Hartnett 

In The Best Australian Stories 2012 Sonya Hartnett presents the most outstanding short fiction of the past year. 

Contributors include James Bradley, Alex Miller, Marion Halligan, Chris Womersley, Romy Ash, David Sornig, Ashley Hay and many more.  

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The Best Australians Poems 2012 
Edited by John Tranter 

In this impressive anthology, John Tranter weaves many threads into a portrait of Australian poetry in 2012. 

Contributors include Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Lisa Gorton, Les Murray, Robert Adamson, Ali Alizadeh, Peter Rose, Luke Davies, Gig Ryan, Maria Takolander, Jennifer Maiden and many more.  

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