Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you’ve got yourself a rather nice evening planned with that special bookworm in your life. Need a bit of help with your night? Black Inc. has you covered!

First of all, obviously brush up on some of Dorothy Porter’s Love Poems, perhaps casually slot them into conversation. It’s on special this week for only $4.99.

Spritz on some perfume inspired by a dead writer. I’m partial to a bit of Eau de Sylvia Plath myself.

Read up on which authors have the juiciest love lives for some inspiration. (Although a second date may not eventuate if you threaten your date with debtors prison if they don't marry you immediately, à la Alexandre Dumus's mistress.)

Are things progressing well? Super! Take things to a new level with some Cosmo tips from famous writers.

If even after all this work the night didn’t go as you planned, never fear: here’s a list of excellent and trustworthy dating books to get you back in the game again.

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