Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Books for Father’s Day

Still looking for a gift for your dad for Father’s Day? Look no further! Here are some book recommendations we think your dad will love.

David Hunt

In this hilarious history, David Hunt reveals the truth of Australia’s past, from megafauna to Macquarie – the cock-ups and curiosities, the forgotten eccentric and Eureka moments that have made us who we are.

“Hilarious and insightful – Hunt has found the deep wells of humour in Australia’s history.” – Chris Taylor, The Chaser

David Marr

If your dad’s a political junkie, this is the book for him. Rudd v. Abbott includes the definitive and revealing portraits of the two men battling it out for the prime ministership. Published in the weeks before Rudd was deposed as prime minister in 2010, Power Trip revealed Rudd to be a man with “an angry heart”. Political Animal, with its revelation of “the punch”, triggered intense scrutiny of Abbott’s character in 2012. Essential pre-election reading.

Andrew Leigh

Battlers and Billionaires looks at equality in Australia, from our egalitarian beginnings, to the rise of inequality in the nineteenth century, and the fall of inequality from the 1920s to the 1970s. Now inequality is returning to the heights of the 1920s, and Leigh looks at what it means to have – and keep – a fair go.

Laura Jean McKay

Beyond the killing fields and the temples of Angkor is Cambodia: a country with a genocidal past and a wide, open smile. A frontier land where anything is possible – at least for the tourists. Laura Jean McKay’s short stories explore the electric zone where local and foreign lives meet.

David Marr

Cronulla. Henson. Hanson. Wik. Haneef. The Boats. In Panic, David Marr cuts through the froth and fury that have kept Australians simmering over the past fifteen years.

Alan Sepinwall

The Sopranos, Oz, The Wire, Mad Men, Deadwood, 24, Breaking Bad. What more do we need to say? Celebrated TV critic Alan Sepinwall chronicles the remarkable transformation of the small screen over the past fifteen years.

Laura Tingle

Rather than relaxed and comfortable, Australians are disenchanted with politics and politicians. Laura Tingle shows that the reason for this goes to something deep in Australia: our great expectations of government. Now we are an angry nation, and the Age of Entitlement is coming to an end. What will a different politics look like?

Hugh White

China is rising, but how should America respond? White controversially argues that America’s best option is to share power with China and relinquish its supremacy. The China Choice is an urgent intervention in the China debate, and provides a blueprint for a peaceful future.

“A must-read” – Bob Hawke

The China Choice is an exceptionally thoughtful systhesis of the arguments and influences which bear upon the coming shape of the Pacific.” – Paul Keating

The gift that gives all year round! Buy a Quarterly Essay gift subscription before Father’s Day, and your dad’s subscription will start with the September Quarterly Essay, an explosive profile of Cardinal George Pell, confessor to Tony Abbott, by David Marr. A definite must-read!

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