Monday, November 11, 2013

Interview with Kim Scott, editor of The Best Australian Stories 2013 

What do you look for in a story

A surprise. Craft. Some sense of it that lingers. A reward.  

What are some of your favourite or noteworthy pieces in the collection?  

Static’, by Cate Kennedy  

Birdcall: 33°21’ N 43°47’E, by Liam Davison (apart from the fact that it’s so difficult to find that degree symbol on the keyboard)  

J’aime Rose, by Tegan Bennett Daylight.
My list could go on, and I would still be sad we can’t share more of those submitted for this too-thin volume.  
What do you hope people take away with them after reading the stories? 

A sense of wonder. A bagful of images. A rhythm to their step and sparkling satisfaction. A gift. 

Who are your favourite writers, and why do you like their writing? 

Of short stories? Carver. Munro. Lorrie Moore. Patrick White. Tim Winton. Joan London … I could continue listing names, and do not want them ranked by my recall. There’d be another list another day. Come to think of it, I know a fine story by Octavio Paz, another by Dallas Wiebe … 
But “the naming of cats is a difficult matter” (T. S. Eliot). 

What are your top five tips for aspiring writers? 

Trust that the best of yourself will be revealed. 
Respect the craft. 
Chain yourself to the desk and believe that your stories will transform. 

The Best Australian Stories 2013 is available now in print and ebook.  

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