Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day gift suggestions

A typical Mother’s Day gift guide tends to promote either cookbooks or chick lit when it comes to books. If your mother’s reading tastes are a little broader than that, here are some alternatives suggestions:

For the environmentally conscientious:

Now or Never
By Tim Flannery
RRP $22.00

For lovers of blood and gore:

The Shanghai Murders
By David Rotenberg
RRP $22.95

For the arty (if you’re generous, because it’s pricey):

Performances 1971 - 2008
By Mike Parr
RRP $199.00

For the armchair traveller:

The Red Highway
By Nicolas Rothwell
RRP $32.95

For the muso:

By Don Walker
RRP $27.95

For the devoted Age reader (who doesn’t drive a 4WD or watch The Footy Show):

Say When
By Catherine Deveny
RRP $24.95

For the lover of literary fiction:

By Amanda Lohrey
RRP $19.95

The above books are available at all good bookstores (although Performances 1971 - 2008 is a specialty art title, so it could be a little harder to find.)

And here are some other, non-book options that we like:

- Her very own vegie garden
- A family of ducks from Oxfam
- Quarterly Essay gift subscription
- Mad Men Season 1

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